Rainbow Bridge


Pets become entwined in our lives, in our hearts and when they pass from this world it is hard. No longer will they greet you at the door or amuse you with their crazy antics.

Levi was a cherished pet of Shaun, Amy, Lizzie and Hope and he lived in our home for over 5 years.

Today we had to say goodbye to Levi a victim of cancer that spread like wildfire. The last few weeks were hard as the suffering became apparent.

I have always thought that concept of the rainbow bridge was a little silly and a bit un-biblical but I learned a great lesson today. God’s word it silent about our beloved pets and what happens when they die. But sitting by his side as his heart stopped and life was gone, God gave me a peace that all was well.

I thought about my own life and eminent death and how I know God will lead me gently home. Just like Levi left this life in peace maybe God in His infinite mercy will lead him over that rainbow bridge.


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