My before and after pics!


Christmas 2000


2018 – 120 lbs later!

I am sitting here on the eve of my 65th birthday thinking about the word “Success”, what it has meant in my life and what it is not. A few months ago I wrote about failure, and there has been a lot of that! But life encompasses the highs AND the lows.

One of my biggest successes recently is the loss of a great deal of weight. I am also the healthiest I have been in years. Weight loss is only part of the story. I can get off the sofa and live an active life! Changes as you get older are harder. Metabolism is slower. Changes in an aging body sometimes are irreversible, especially when you have not treated it well.

I am not going into the details of the diet or exercise, or of the use of essential oils. You can scan this website and get that info. What I will share with you is the day to day decisions you have to make.

The decisions to not eat that cookie (even though that is my favorite sugar fix) or to not sleep in but get my butt up and get to the gym are my daily challenges. Rewarding myself with food when I do well is not an option! One of the hardest things to do is let go of the quick fix of a pain pill or a fad diet. Slowly building my health and immune system, through mindful exercise, diet and oils, is the better way. Day in and day out. Rinse and repeat.

How many of us do great on a new diet the first 2 weeks and then yo-yo up and down for the next few months until we quit? Success lies in the promise of a better future instead of an immediate fix. It’s not a matter of will power but a decision you make day in and day out. I am not there yet. I struggle at times but I look ahead at where I want to be not the right now. 40 more pounds to go.

Don’t get me wrong, I struggle with choices and I don’t always make the right ones. Success is not always getting it right, it’s about sticking with it even if you get it wrong some days. In all of the ups and downs of this journey God has taught me to see the beauty even in the ashes, the mistakes. To see my failures as stepping stones. He always brings it full circle. A lifetime of being overweight is a pain I bore for too long. Success means saying good bye to that pain but never forgetting it.

So what now? I keep going. One good choice after another. Rinse and repeat. It took me decades to get in a health crisis and it is not been an easy fix.  So after all these years why did it finally click? I don’t know but it’s my turn to give back. To help others. And maybe I can help you along the way. #mytrifectaliving


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