Healing is a fascinating word. It encompasses a wide variety of feelings and emotions as well as physical changes.

I have been on a journey to correct years of abuse I did to my own body. Overeating and a sedentary lifestyle not to mention things I thought I was doing well like relationships with the people around me. 

We get sucked into a culture of materialism, worship of things not of our creator, and just plain selfishness. We rely on what the media tells us instead of thinking for ourselves. I relied on our American food system and the choices it brought and never once thought there was a problem. Even our advanced healthcare system let me down. A pill for this and a pill for that was a disaster for me.

As I sit here chomping at the bit to walk again in 12 days (yes I am counting). I am a little scared but also hopeful. The uphill climb for me is daunting and at 65 will my body respond as it has before?

God has brought wonderful changes in the way I treat my physical body. My healing has been above and beyond what I or my physicians have expected. Frankincense, Helichrysum, Oregano, Rose Ointment and Thieves were my main tools! Not to mention following doc’s orders. The people that surround me with help and encouragement have been a blessing only a merciful Savior could provide.

Recently I found in an old prayer journal of mine from 2013 these words. “Show me a better way”, and He did; little by little, step by step. So I share my story again. Maybe to help someone, maybe to bring about change. This entire website details my journey, my trifecta living as I call it. I use essential oils extensively everyday, eat great nourishing food that will heal instead of hurt, and move my body the way it was meant to move. God has wrapped our physical, emotional and spiritual self into one neat package to work together and even gave us the tools at creation to maintain it! Adam and Eve were placed in a garden with therapeutic plants and good things to eat… everything to sustain life. Above all He gave us Himself.

Healing must also begin in the heart. We need to stop the negative self talk and embrace the missteps that form us into the people we are today. Release of negative emotions and thoughts need to be treated with prayer to a merciful Savior and can be strengthened with therapeutic oils. This is a new dimension to oils I am exploring! I am still learning everyday about myself, God’s purpose for my life and I want to be an open book about my experiences because they are healing in themselves!

So why does this topic mean so much to me? Because you can make great changes, healing can begin even at 65! Start today.

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