Get Out of Jail Free Card

I just got handed a get out of jail free card. Yes I took the, not to be mentioned online, viral antibody test and it came back positive. Yes… done with it. I didn’t even know I had it. I did have some mild symptoms, irritation in the throat, occasional flushed feeling, and labored breathing when I took my walk but nothing I really took notice of.

Like most of you I took the mandated precautions. Work from home, stay home alot with a once a week trip to the grocery store or Home Depot; I was careful. Washing hands and mask wearing were my routine. But I contracted it anyway.

While feeling odd I did step up some of my oily protocols just in case it was ‘the virus’. But the symptoms went away and I just wondered. I have never been afraid of ‘the virus’. Some would consider me a high risk catagory; over 60, overweight, but I had been taking extremely good care of myself. You see this website displays my healthy lifestyle.

The lifestyle… It works. In the only ‘Pandemic” I have lived through my immune system shined. Worked just like it was supposed to. The way God created it to work. Thats why we have it. But we need to take care of it. Good food, exercise, and what I call the ‘oil advantage’ are my tools. Removing toxic chemicals from my food and everyday products I put on my body and cleaning products I use in my home, is my master plan. This is my defense. It’s not easy making the changes but it’s life saving.

During my devotion time this morning I was thinking how blessed I had been with this outcome. My prayer several years ago was “Lord show me a better way.” And he did. He has protected me from so much. Yes, I have had some real tough times but God has prepared me for each step, just as He did during this pandemic.

I love to teach others about what has helped me so much. My regular classes have been canceled in these challenging times but I am hosting one on one zoom classes for you and your friends. Starting was easy but it takes a daily committment to start making changes.

Send me an email if you are interested in a virtual class.

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