Healing is a fascinating word. It encompasses a wide variety of feelings and emotions as well as physical changes.

I have been on a journey to correct years of abuse I did to my own body. Overeating and a sedentary lifestyle not to mention things I thought I was doing well like relationships with the people around me. 

We get sucked into a culture of materialism, worship of things not of our creator, and just plain selfishness. We rely on what the media tells us instead of thinking for ourselves. I relied on our American food system and the choices it brought and never once thought there was a problem. Even our advanced healthcare system let me down. A pill for this and a pill for that was a disaster for me.

As I sit here chomping at the bit to walk again in 12 days (yes I am counting). I am a little scared but also hopeful. The uphill climb for me is daunting and at 65 will my body respond as it has before?

God has brought wonderful changes in the way I treat my physical body. My healing has been above and beyond what I or my physicians have expected. Frankincense, Helichrysum, Oregano, Rose Ointment and Thieves were my main tools! Not to mention following doc’s orders. The people that surround me with help and encouragement have been a blessing only a merciful Savior could provide.

Recently I found in an old prayer journal of mine from 2013 these words. “Show me a better way”, and He did; little by little, step by step. So I share my story again. Maybe to help someone, maybe to bring about change. This entire website details my journey, my trifecta living as I call it. I use essential oils extensively everyday, eat great nourishing food that will heal instead of hurt, and move my body the way it was meant to move. God has wrapped our physical, emotional and spiritual self into one neat package to work together and even gave us the tools at creation to maintain it! Adam and Eve were placed in a garden with therapeutic plants and good things to eat… everything to sustain life. Above all He gave us Himself.

Healing must also begin in the heart. We need to stop the negative self talk and embrace the missteps that form us into the people we are today. Release of negative emotions and thoughts need to be treated with prayer to a merciful Savior and can be strengthened with therapeutic oils. This is a new dimension to oils I am exploring! I am still learning everyday about myself, God’s purpose for my life and I want to be an open book about my experiences because they are healing in themselves!

So why does this topic mean so much to me? Because you can make great changes, healing can begin even at 65! Start today.


My before and after pics!


Christmas 2000


2018 – 120 lbs later!

I am sitting here on the eve of my 65th birthday thinking about the word “Success”, what it has meant in my life and what it is not. A few months ago I wrote about failure, and there has been a lot of that! But life encompasses the highs AND the lows.

One of my biggest successes recently is the loss of a great deal of weight. I am also the healthiest I have been in years. Weight loss is only part of the story. I can get off the sofa and live an active life! Changes as you get older are harder. Metabolism is slower. Changes in an aging body sometimes are irreversible, especially when you have not treated it well.

I am not going into the details of the diet or exercise, or of the use of essential oils. You can scan this website and get that info. What I will share with you is the day to day decisions you have to make.

The decisions to not eat that cookie (even though that is my favorite sugar fix) or to not sleep in but get my butt up and get to the gym are my daily challenges. Rewarding myself with food when I do well is not an option! One of the hardest things to do is let go of the quick fix of a pain pill or a fad diet. Slowly building my health and immune system, through mindful exercise, diet and oils, is the better way. Day in and day out. Rinse and repeat.

How many of us do great on a new diet the first 2 weeks and then yo-yo up and down for the next few months until we quit? Success lies in the promise of a better future instead of an immediate fix. It’s not a matter of will power but a decision you make day in and day out. I am not there yet. I struggle at times but I look ahead at where I want to be not the right now. 40 more pounds to go.

Don’t get me wrong, I struggle with choices and I don’t always make the right ones. Success is not always getting it right, it’s about sticking with it even if you get it wrong some days. In all of the ups and downs of this journey God has taught me to see the beauty even in the ashes, the mistakes. To see my failures as stepping stones. He always brings it full circle. A lifetime of being overweight is a pain I bore for too long. Success means saying good bye to that pain but never forgetting it.

So what now? I keep going. One good choice after another. Rinse and repeat. It took me decades to get in a health crisis and it is not been an easy fix.  So after all these years why did it finally click? I don’t know but it’s my turn to give back. To help others. And maybe I can help you along the way. #mytrifectaliving


Rainbow Bridge


Pets become entwined in our lives, in our hearts and when they pass from this world it is hard. No longer will they greet you at the door or amuse you with their crazy antics.

Levi was a cherished pet of Shaun, Amy, Lizzie and Hope and he lived in our home for over 5 years.

Today we had to say goodbye to Levi a victim of cancer that spread like wildfire. The last few weeks were hard as the suffering became apparent.

I have always thought that concept of the rainbow bridge was a little silly and a bit un-biblical but I learned a great lesson today. God’s word it silent about our beloved pets and what happens when they die. But sitting by his side as his heart stopped and life was gone, God gave me a peace that all was well.

I thought about my own life and eminent death and how I know God will lead me gently home. Just like Levi left this life in peace maybe God in His infinite mercy will lead him over that rainbow bridge.


Do Not Grow Weary


I woke up this morning with a sadness in my heart. Looking back on recent things in my life and being grateful for it all… I am still in unrest. The focus of my life has always been my family and it was slipping away. No longer do we gather just to be with each other, there now is no desire for closeness and that is hard. Everyone has their own lives to live. As moms of adult children we have to stand back and let them live their life. We want to hover, protect, give advice but that is no longer wanted or needed. So we see them fly or fall  and want to pick up the pieces. To make it all better. We can’t. They have to fly on their own or not.

God will find me even when I try to hide. HE wasn’t going to leave me in huddled under the covers. “And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.” Galations 6:9. HIS WORD always rings true in my heart. So I get up and get going.



It’s hard to face failure in yourself. All the should haves, could haves and intentions are not enough to dull the pain of what could have been. But life is full of blunders, misteps and just downright stupidity that sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself and forgive yourself. Just like God has forgiven you. There will always be those lingering thoughts and sometimes downright pain of consequences but move on. Do better next time. God can use your blunders to His glory. You may not see them yet but they will be magnified in His time.

“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”
Romans 8:28 ESV

Another Mother’s Day gone by…

lonely_bench.jpg2018… I have been a mother for 41 years. Where did the time go? Those cherub cheeks and sticky fingers are gone and now you are grown with lives of your own. Sometimes I mourn the loss of those days when it was just the 4 of us making our way. It was a tough time but it changed me in ways I didn’t understand until now. We needed each other. You needed me to take care of you and help you grow and I needed you to keep me going. God gave me you to be His arms that held on to me he when times were lonely.

More than any other Mother’s day I miss the we of us. Busy lives and over scheduled calendars mark every day like closed doors. No smiling faces peering over the camera lens today. No mementos to post on Facebook. Just another Mother’s Day gone by.



God speaks to my heart in the sunrise. I fight the urge to snuggle down in the covers but something beckons me to get going.

Even in the quiet morning I feel helpless with all that is going on around me. The world seems out of control and I rail against the injustice, the lies that are being thrust into my world. The inhumanity that runs rampant is overwhelming. Those truths that I hold dear are being laughed at and God’s holiness is being stomped on.

Lord is there hope? People I love around me are losing the battle. God why don’t you do something? I feel we are losing ground.

But then comes the sunrise… and I think of my own walk. The kingdom of God is not being built in grand gestures from on high or God making all things perfect. It’s being built in the hearts of His people. As I struggle everyday to live a holy life the kingdom is being built. The people I touch and invest in are His creation and He has a plan much grander than mine. My job is not to see the big picture and the grand gestures. My job is to walk in faith and live out God’s truth in the everyday. I need to let Him do the rest.