I choose to eat a ketogenic diet. Low carb, high fat. What??? I eat moderate protein, most veges (no root veges), some berries, nuts, olive oil, butter, eggs, cream and cheese. I was skeptical when my holistic MD suggested it, but what a change!
75 pounds gone.
Medications gone.
Great blood work.
High energy.


I have found that the use of essential oils boosts my overall wellness. I am in the process of removing all the toxins from my life. I live in this world so obviously I breath the same air that you do, but I can make choices everyday about what is in my home and what I expose my body to. Young Living Essential Oils are the perfect solution to my life.

I move and I don’t try to keep up with the younger generation. Never was a runner, although I tried in college. It was not for me!  I choose to swim. A total body workout and gentle on the joints!
Find something you love and do it.